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ObamaCare Sucks! Here is why.

The middle class is hurting

ObamaCare sucks

ObamaCare sucks and here is why.  I feel like I just need to vent my feelings around certain tax issues that affect the middle class.  ObamaCare sucksYour feelings about ObamaCare maybe different and that’s ok, but here is my take on the subject. For years we have heard congress and our government talk about improving the middle class.   However, when it comes to our tax system I see the exact opposite.

ObamaCare sucks and here is why!

The additional Medicare tax on higher income individuals is not targeting the rich, it is targeting the middle class.  Take for example this;  I have clients who are a married couple with one child and another on the way. These individuals are well-educated, went to college and went on into the workforce.  They pay their taxes.

As a result of a joint filing and making just over $250,000 combined, they get hit with the Additional Medicare Tax. In addition, they are also paying  higher federal tax, AMT and most deductions and credits are phased out.  ObamaCare sucksTheir net tax is that of an average salary.  How is this strengthening our middle class?

Lets look at another example.  I am covered by my spouses employer for health insurance.  Just out of curiosity I went to Healthcare.gov just to see what it would cost me per month to have the same coverage I have now.  The cost was $783 a month!  How is this affordable care?  It was my impression that ObamaCare was set up to lower the cost of health insurance, yet the middle class is still paying for all those that have none.  So yes in my opinion ObamaCare sucks!

My solution to ObamaCare sucks!

My solution to ObamaCare sucks is to get rid of it.  People need to take responsibility for themselves.  ObamaCare sucksI am tired of paying for everyone else.  If someone needs medical attention and does not have insurance that’s ok, they can still get treatment, but do not turn around and give them a tax refund.

If I walk into a hospital without insurance I get a bill, therefore everyone else should.  If there are low-cost insurance plans out there then leave it to the individual to make the decision to get it, if not there may be consequences.

The tax system, in my opinion, benefits the lower class and continues to enable people to be  government dependent.  But, dependency  at the cost of the middle class.  People need to take responsibility for themselves when it comes to health insurance, and the government needs to stop penalizing the middle class making a decent living.  This is why I think ObamaCare sucks!

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